Alextbh Pulls At Your Heartstrings With New Tender Ballad ‘A Hundred Lives’

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Just as 2023 is winding down, Malaysian artist Alextbh unveils a heartrending guitar-picking ballad called ‘A Hundred Lives’. The song is directly inspired by a motorbike ride, cruising around a city stretched out in front of him and feeling invincible in a new romance. 

Credit: Sarah Hobbs

Alex has stated that he wants his listeners to feel understood, in whatever stage they’re trying to process their emotions. “Songwriting comes from sadness, and it comes from a place of pain as well, but not every painful song has to sound sad,” he shares.

The Malaysian artist has already been heralded as Malaysia’s first queer pop icon, with 59 million global streams under his belt. Alextbh is poised for a global breakthrough as he gears up to launch his debut album, It’s All Good.

‘A Hundred Lives’ is the third single from Alextbh this year, and follows after the soulful ballad ‘Heaven’s Gate’ and the first single, ‘Her’.

For the uninitiated, Alextbh is a self-taught songwriter and producer who grew up on classic 2000s pop and R&B, listening to the likes of the Backstreet Boys, Jennifer Lopez, and Justin Timberlake.

While studying engineering in college, Alex would go and perform in bars in Kuala Lumpur, penning love songs on GarageBand, before later releasing them on Soundcloud. His debut EP The Chase came out in 2020, featuring a club-ready collection of sultry R&B tracks.

With his upcoming album, It’s All Good, Alex is influenced by artists like New Order, channelling pure ecstasy in tracks that are made to be blasted in the car, screamed at impromptu dance parties, and as a soundtrack for falling in love, with life, friends, or someone new.

It’s gearing up to be a momentous year for Alextbh, who has previously already shared stages with the likes of Khalid, Clean Bandit, Sevdaliza, and Jess Connelly, as well as joining Yuna as direct support on her European tour in 2019. 

He has played festivals such as the Good Vibes Festival in Malaysia, the Laneway Festival in Singapore, and Lalala Fest in Indonesia, with his dream to play at the Roskilde Festival in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

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