LISTEN: alextbh Just Dropped a New Double Single That’s Smoother Than Silk

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Craving some soulful tunes to muse over life to while staring out a car window? Need the perfect soundtrack for your love life right now? Local r’n’b hero alextbh has your back. He’s been releasing ballad after ballad since last year, and the up-and-coming crooner shows no signs of getting off the productivity train just yet. Hot off his decks is his new double A-side release, ‘Mornings (See You Again)’ and ‘Lead the Way’, two more songs tackling love, lust, and sadness – topics that get to the very core of being a youth alive in the world today.

Both singles are imbued with the same bittersweet feeling that serves as the undercurrent to all of alextbh’s previous work. ‘Mornings (See You Again)’ is a ballad at the pinnacle of longing, which perfectly nails just how painful it is to develop feelings for someone and restrain yourself from acting on them. ‘Lead the Way’ serves as the more positive flipside to the double single – a tender ode to love and sex even in spite of life’s trials and tribulations.

Listen to the singles below:

alextbh plays Good Vibes Festival in Genting Highlands on Saturday 12 August. For more great acts on the lineup, click here.