PREMIERE: alextbh’s Rainy Edit of Emir Hermono’s ‘3AM in Jakarta (feat. Ariel Nayaka)’

source: 3AM in Jakarta

Image Roshan Menon
Art Direction Rizki Maulana
Model Joe Tam

To coincide with the release of Emir Hermono’s collaborative baseball cap with The Swagger Salon, alextbh drops his edit of the title single from Emir’s upcoming album. Much of the original’s DNA is retained sans the hip hop drumbeat, but the hypnagogic soundscape of Emir’s composition is given a rainy air à la James Blake – and the detuned synths and arpeggio chords emblematic of Alex’s genre of choice, of course. While decidedly more lowtemp than the already slow-paced original at certain parts, this edit sits comfortably somewhere in between the ambience of post-dubstep and the dance-y twinkly drops of future bass – vibin’ next to you, indeed.

Stream it below via SoundCloud:

… or alternatively, via YouTube:

More on the ‘Vibin” baseball cap here. Look out for Emir Hermono’s 3AM in Jakarta by the end of this year.

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