VIDEO: In the First SNL Episode of 2017, Alec Baldwin’s Impersonation of Donald Trump is Golden

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Just a few days before President-elect Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration, reports leaked on the interwebs that he had hired a few Russian prostitutes to perform a ‘golden shower’ on him. As imagined, the story circulated faster than Donald’s ability to compose a tweet blaming dishonest media. Although the story has yet to be verified, it has served various American television hosts and comedians as a great source of inspiration, as seen on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, who dedicated the first 12-minutes of his show to reporting this incident using only pee puns; and Trevor Noah shared his experience of having to explain to his uncle in South Africa that it was not a literal golden shower on The Daily Show. Both of which were amusing to watch, but it was Saturday Night Live that truly seized this opportunity by the balls.

For its first show of 2017, Alec Baldwin played his most popular impression on SNL — Donald Trump — in a press conference setting where he dismissed any questions regarding his golden moment as he wanted to address important topics like jobs, healthcare, and accusing Meryl Streep of being responsible for hacking the presidential election.

Watch the video below:

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