Akta Angkasa

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Instrumental space-rock quartet Akta Angkasa has been around in the scene for quite a while. The band is made up of Mamel, Fie, Ned and frontman Zul, who is also the drummer for Kah-Roe-Shi. Formed in 2005, Akta Angkasa are known for their avant-garde cinematic performances, an experimental fusion of prog and psych with a touch of electronic and nusantara traditional melodies.

The best track to exemplify their sound is ‘Chatetan Konkerit’. Released in August 2008, the track was a masterpiece that set them apart from the rest of the indie herd. Last year, they released their 2nd EP entitled Kognitif. Produced under their own label Senipekik, the EP was recorded using a collection of vintage instruments and equipment to capture their distinctive sound.

Spiralling past the realms of post-rock and shoegaze into their own territory, this band deserves great respect. And they’re getting it through constant gigs and props from other scene veterans.


Launch into space with Akta Angkasa’s tunes at www.senipekik.com.