Akon Freedom Beach 09 Concert @ Sunway Lagoon

When Akon announced that he was to push his July concert for “personal reasons”, no one was counting on him to come back. It was like Rihanna and Beyonce all over again. But to his credit, the guy recorded a personal video to announce his new concert date. Once again The Sunway Lagoon wave pool was chosen as the venue and after seeing a pool of 15,000 psyched out fans, you’ll realise that Malaysians really really love Akon — this is the third visit from the Senegalese hip hop artist.

Malaysian Idol finalists Nikki opened the show, while the night’s emcees, Fly FM’s Hunny Madu and Nadia did a fantastic job of hyping up the crowd. There’s something about home boy Caprice that makes everyone goe berserk every time he takes to the stage, but when Akon finally appeared on stage, the crowd went ballistic. Covering familiar ground in older hits, the “konvict” also delivered newer material including the chart topping ‘Dangerous’ and ‘Smack That’. As the 90 minute concert progressed, the number of clothing items he had on decreased – must have been hot. Judging form the crowd response, plenty would have liked to tap that.

Akon Freedon Beach 09 Concert was held at Sunway Lagoon surf pool on 24 October 2009. For mug shots, check out Scene or juiceonline.com. Check out the mugshots in our Gallery!