Air Force 1 Low Supreme @ Sole What

Image Nike

Part of Nike’s regional special collection, the 11th Chinese Zodiac Shoe, the abyssal black of the updated Air Force 1 model, Low Supreme, is pure unadulterated bada$s. Moving away from the typical bright colours of an AF1 pair, this one is made for the hipster triad (or at least a beng who’d watched Young & Dangerous one too many times).

Taking inspiration from traditional dragon-motif robes, AF1 Low Supreme features a traditional Chinese dragon soaring in the clouds on its tongue. This dragon motif is further elaborated on the sides and upper, which are decorated with black silky textures reminiscent of the mythic creature’s scales (had it existed, not that we’ve ever touched real dragon scales before, just a Komodo’s).

As if that weren’t excessive enough, the counter has the Chinese character ‘Long’, meaning dragon, stamped on it lest your underlings forgot your abang long status. Derived from dragon robes again, a cloud-and-bat pattern finds home on the sole, signifying good fortune for your chosen gang, if Chinese culture were to be believed. Finally the wax-finished shoelaces and suede panel on the midsole complete the look.

Rock these kicks in all-black attire (we recommend the shoes’ official hoodie), get a dragon tattoo on your back, and change your name to Long – you are young and dangerous after all. Even if you are 30.

AF1 Low Supreme retails at RM579. Find them at both of Sole What’s stores – the main shop in The Gardens as well as the second store in 1 Utama. Find info on more Nike kicks at and go to if you’re still wondering “so what?”