Getting There – Air Asia Rawks!

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So in the last post I casually mentioned that Air Asia X, the long-haul budget airline carrier will flying me off to the Aussie Gold Coast to get down and dirty with some rock dudes and dudettes in the wilds of the outback – Woodfordia in Woodford Queensland to be precise. I also mentioned that once on ground, I’ll be transported to the Splendour In The Grass festival site in a ‘rock bus’ and will live in a van! Rock ‘n’ roll baby, yeah!!

Image Splendour In The Grass 2010

Okay about now I should come clean. Splendour In the Grass will only be by third festival I’ve ever been to – the other two being Sunburst in Kiara Equestrian Park, KL and the other being Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide Fest at Fort Canning Park in Singapore. Clean, civilised, dry. Yes, I am a festival lightweight. Oh the shame!

I should also mention I have never camped in my life. That right, I have NEVER slummed it. Not even as a uni student. So when I heard about the van and that I’d be living there I had this horrific image of Scooby Doodoo, shag carpets, bow-chicka-bow music playing through the speakers (A-track of course) and a’stash of wetwipes and weeklong deodorant. Egads! I am assured by the lovely people at Air Asia X that the van in question is a 5-star kind of deal – possibly like a band trailer even. Because Air Asia X is laying on the entire rock star experience. Cause that is how we roll!!

So you might say what does a budget carrier have to do with Bono and his ilk? Normally not much. Rock stars fly private jets or bunk up in business. But now, not only is Air Asia trying to hook you up to awesome global festivals all over the world through their flight networks and Air Asia RedTix offerings, they also wanna get you there like a rock star as well. Presumably so that once there you can party like a rock star.


As of this year, Air Asia X’s A330/A340 longhaul seats have had a ‘bit’ of a nip tuck what with the introduction of lie flat beds to as premium class. Yes, a big comfy seat that fully unfolds into a completely horizontal posish. Which means you get the perks of flying business (like not having to contort your body like a Chinese gymnast or pretend your art of some evil sleep deprivation experiment) without the biz class price tag. SCORE!

The lie flat beds are already available on (selected flights, availability specified during booking) to Melbourne, Perth, Taipei, Hangzhou, Tianjin, Chengdu, London, Mumbai and New Delhi (from 1 August) and Gold Coast of course. Booking one of these babies also gives you access to host of other perks: premium check in lane, 20kg checked baggage allowance, preferred seat assignment, and my personal favourite – receive your baggage first. Because waiting around is for groupies’.

So with Air Asia X you not only get to the gig, if you book yourself into premium class, you also get there looking as crisp as a newly minted dollar bill ‘in’ Jay-Z’s pocket, and you’ll have money to spare for the things you really want, like concert tix, rock tees and records. After all isn’t a considerable portion of your travel budget usually spent on travel arrangements?

I tell you who’s gonna be festing with me in the next post. More deets on Air Asia X at

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