AIM 2009

Last weekend, the recording industry gathered for the 16th Annual Anugerah Industri Muzik that was held at Putra World Trade Centre (yes, again!). Our equivalent to the Grammy Awards is nothing to shout about, really. It’s almost predictable with the usual winners being Siti Nurhaliza, nasyid group Raihan and the oh-so-boring Misha Omar. It’s a wonder how the AIM and Grammy Awards are so alike these days. Snore.

JUICE feels it’s unfair that a lot of artistes in Malaysia can’t be nominated because they don’t have an album. They may not have single releases, but they do have radio releases. Why not open your mind to other artistes out there that deserve more cred than they are getting?

Despite our rantings, we have to give some JUICE love to these people.

Best New Artist
Meet Uncle Hussein

Best Rock Album
Hujan, Hujan

Best Hip Hop Song
Malique feat. M. Nasir, ‘Mentera Beradu’

Best Local English Album
Joe Flizzow, President

Best Local English Song
Malique ft. Lah, ‘KL Streets’

Oh, big ups to AIM for showing love to the local Chinese and Tamil scene too! Joe Flizzy rocked the house with Phlowtron and the night ended with Hujan and Meet Uncle Hussein doing medleys. It was mad dope!


AIM needs to pick things up with the categories and work on their production. We were there last year and we know how boring it gets, especially when you’re not there to win. Surely it’s a local production, but I’m sure they want the best work put into it. And a local production doesn’t justify half arsed work. What AIM needs are new hosts, a change of venue and maybe open their eyes to the local dance scene, or even the talented MySpace artists we have in Malaysia. In short, make it less predictable and corny.

Click to check out the rest of the nominees and winners. Tell us what you think.