Ahmad Maslan Suggests For Vote Skippers To Be Fined RM200 & Barred From Renewing Driving Licenses

Source: Quartz

Most of us recognise the importance of practicing our constitutional right to vote, yet there are still some who are too malas to cast their ballots.

Datuk Seri Ahmad Maslan (Pontian-BN) proposed to make voting compulsory amongst all those eligible, and to penalise those who do not vote.

“Once every five years, and you still don’t go out to vote? Apa ke benda ni? It’s not like you have to vote once every month,” he said in Parliament today.

Source: FMT

He pointed out that only 82.3 percent out of 14.9 million registered voters turned up to vote during 14th general election. Where were the other 2.7 million? “Tidur ke? (asleep)” asked the UMNO lawmaker.

“I suggest that those who don’t cast their ballots be imposed a fine of RM100 or RM200, or perhaps, bar them from renewing their driving licences.”

In commensuration with the Undi18 movement, the nation is expected to see 5 million new voters in the upcoming election.

Source: The Star

In related news, the Pontian MP was recently acquitted of two money laundering charges. He says he is eligible to run for public office despite paying a compound of RM1.1million, according to reports.

Law firm Tetuan Sharul Hamidi & Haziq which represented the UMNO lawmaker said the payment was not a court fine, nor an admission of guilt.

Apparently, the RM1.1 million payment is a settlement that is in accordance with the law that went through a transparent and orderly process.

Source: The Star

The first charge concerned an allegation that he failed to declare RM2 million received from then prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to the Inland Revenue Board in 2014.

The second charge was regarding an allegation that Ahmad gave false statements to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission in 2019 on the tax matter.

Bernama reported that the High Court acquitted Ahmad yesterday after the prosecution withdrew the two charges.