Ahead Of Times

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Mailer Daemon hits back with a new track called ‘Ahead Of Times’. Wait, who’s Mailer Daemon first of all? This talent kicked off in Malaysia by playing drums for the now-defunct post-punk band Damn Dirty Apes. In 2001, Mailer Daemon set up shop in Sydney under the name Black Gallant Productions with partner Jimmy Evil. It was their chance to make new sounds and for film. In Sydney, Mailer Daemon submerged himself in dance, hip hop and indie rock; he even got himself DJ gigs at places like Purple Sneakers. From there, he worked on remixes for renowned artists internationally. Finally, it was meeting MC Superbomba from South London (who has work intensively with the Pirate Radio scene in UK) that got things popping for Mailer Daemon. After meeting at a drum ‘n’ bass BBQ event, Mailer Daemon and MC Superbomba got things heated up. The two hit off immediately and that came through in their music.

The producer man produced 2 club tracks of ‘Never Let It Go’ and ‘New Sense’ with South East Asian flavour with the aggressive UK styled vocalist. It’s hardcore and intense, not your lame world dance music stuff. Mailer Daemon proved himself an emerging young producer with an awesome fusion of East and Western hip hop style and a little somethin’ somethin’ that you can’t put your finger on. JUICE just calls it ‘that extra flava’.

Recently, the producer and DJ teamed up with MC Slice from a drum ‘n bass’ Kobra Kai to produce this monster song ‘Ahead of the Times’. It’s referred in the website as “a hooky dubstep/grime acid trip under 3 minutes”. It’s true. JUICE has the track on repeat right now as we speak. Mailer Daemon is a menace!

Check out this awesome track.