Against Lab’s ‘The Eyes Are Watching’ Collection

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Against Lab is a new brand on the block and it has an interesting message to convey: we’re being watched. The conspiracy enthusiasts took their theories to a drawing board and produced four t-shirts, a cap, and a tote bag. We personally love the colour palette for the t-shirts — pink, beige, and dark blue — and the small details that are sewn onto the garments such as the small sleeve pocket perfect for holding one’s cigarette sticks and lighters (see below) and the scoop hem. The hat with the eye embroidery is made of corduroy fabric and in case you’ve not had the pleasure of feeling it, it’s incredibly soft and quite similar to velvet. Lastly, our favourite product from the entire collection is the tote bag. It’s a simple black bag with a large iteration of Against Lab’s logo, which would be ideal to carry during festivals (ahem, Soulfest), parties (ahem, #JUICE13), and daily use, really.

The ‘Eyes Are Watching’ collection is available today onwards and retails from RM39 to RM109 via

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