Against Lab x Cloakwork ‘MK-II’

source: Against LAB x Cloakwork

To celebrate the birth of the newly formed contemporary fashion label and multidisciplinary creative agency Against Lab, they’ve collaborated with local graffiti artist Cloakwork for their first product, The MiKael II or MK-II for short. MK-II is a vinyl toy that takes the form of a spray can and more obviously, of a hand grenade. It’s even packed in a militaristic wooden box and is padded with hay for protection to augment the military motif. Each box also comes with a unique illustration designed by Cloakwork and no two are the same, so think of it as personalised artwork.

Check out the harmless military box below:

There are only five (5) MiKael II units and each retails at USD250. Available via Against Lab from Tuesday 25 August ’15 onwards.