After Breaking Up With His Fiancé, This Man Decided To Marry Himself

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Falling in love can break your heart, but self-love can fix it!

Disappointed after an engagement that was called off, a Brazilian man decided to marry himself.

Dr Diogo Rabelo’s peculiar decision shocked many people because first of all, legally speaking, how did he even do that? And second of all, why?

According to India Times, Rabelo said he was determined to shower himself with love after setting up a ‘household’.

The 33-year old had his wedding ceremony at a resort in Itacare, in the north-eastern state oh Baha, Brazil. It had always been a dream of his to get married by the beach and hey, looks like dreams do come true. Maybe just not in the way you expect it.

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He was supposed to get married to fiancé Vitor Bueno after their engagement in November last year. However, they decided to separate this year and Rabelo married happily himself on 17 October. The event was still supported by his family and friends, with 40 attendees at the wedding ceremony.


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Rabelo explained that he did this to prove that if someone isn’t loved, then one should love themselves. He also wanted to show that being loved isn’t a measure of life’s happiness.

“I do want to marry someone else, and I want to have children, but my happiness cannot depend on that,” he told Globo.

People who believe in self-marriage or sologamy argue that it’s a useful way to boost self-worth. However, critics argue that it’s narcissistic and meaningless.

That’s a very unorthodox way of expressing self-love. Personally I would have gone on a Twitter rant, but kudos to Rabelo for being hella creative and cool!