Afrojack Takes On Zouk Tonight!

In the last year, Nick Van De Wall (better known as Afrojack) has literally ‘taken over control’ of the charts. DJ Mag has slammed him into the top 100 at #19, securing his position as the second highest new entry in this year’s edition. Already spinning with the likes of David Guetta and Diplo, this guy is making it big time. And he’s coming down to Zouk tonight!

Although, admittedly a little mainstream, Afrojack won’t fail to produce ground shaking beats, with each choon having you skanking harder than the last. With ‘Sweat’ and ‘Techno Fan’ remixes already rocketing up the top 10 of the Beatport House Charts in the US, he’s got another absolute choon ready for all you dedicated ravers. Currently number one in the UK, he has joined forces with the likes of Pitbull and Neyo to present to you the highly danceable track ‘Give Me Everything’.

Famed tracks ‘Take Over Control’, ‘Bangduck’ and ‘Polkadots’ are undoubtedly secret weapons, which will have you cracking the dancefloor, but you will not regret turning up those speakers and blasting ‘Louder’ (feat David Guetta), ‘No Beef’ (feat Steve Aoki) and ‘Claudia’, an original mix.

So, fancy a slice of filthy electro and crushing classics? Then it is your duty, as an electro nut, to get down to Zouk KL tonight for hours of raving with Afrojack himself.