Afraid to Catch COVID-19, This Indonesian Man Barricaded His House With Zinc

(source: Sabah Post)

This Indonesian man just took ‘staying at home’ to the next level!

According to Harian Metro, 46-year-old Sabah Suharno has decided to barricade his whole house with zinc to avoid any contact from the “outside world”.

The risk of contracting the COVID-19 virus became such a concern for Sabah and his family that they decided to cover their house which is currently located in Ajibarang Wetan Village, Central Java.

Although they have been getting strange looks from villagers, he insisted that this was the only thing he could do for protection. The fear came after one of his neighbours died from the contagious virus.

“As usual, there are those who support and condemn my actions. But I do not care and just try to take care of myself,” he said.

(source: Kompas Regional)

Ever since he installed the zinc “gate” for over two weeks, he noticed that it helped restrict movement and reduce interaction with outsiders. Besides that, he also installed a CCTV to monitor outdoor movements.

For now, Sabah and his family do not leave the house and solely depend on sellers around the village who go door-to-door to do business and of course, online sales services.

“Here, a lot of traders come to sell necessities and goods and I depend on them because I do not want to leave the house. Besides that, I ask my children to order things using online sales services,” he said.