Afiq M: Lure of the Lunar Spirit

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source: Afiq M

Having a clear vision is a vital trait for a fashion designer as their ingrained philosophy will certainly be reflected in the wearable art that they create. With 25-year-old Negeri Sembilan native Afiq Mohamed, his designing ethos centres on femininity that’s bold and edgy. So, it’s no surprise that the women he designs for are ladies of contemporary standards.

Afiq isn’t the sort of personality that seemingly appeared out of thin air with a full-fledged collection; the designer has, shall we say, paid his dues. Chronicling his impressive achievements, Afiq has had an active participation in a slew of fashion contests, showcases, and was even the winner of Pesona 2011, an RTM fashion reality show. In addition, he has also worked as an assistant designer for established local designers such as award-winning atelier Syaiful Baharim and premier milliner Bremen Wong. Before he went on to focus solely on his own brand Afiq M, he designed for the online fashion portal Kree for two years.

The latest output from the designer is the SS15 collection that revolves around the concept of the lunar nymph as the inspiration for the ‘Afiq M woman’. This ready-to-wear range acts as a practical extension of his trademark designs, as well as an evolution of his Autumn/Winter collection. For this collection, the clothes serve as transitional and functional items that are adaptable for both local weather and the wearer’s lifestyle, despite the double knit fabrics that were used. The 13-piece collection still retains the designer’s celebration of a woman’s body with his signature high slits and deep necklines, evoking a tasteful feminine sensuality.

The collection is available for pre-order via email at [email protected] or you can call 019 271 8871.

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