Does The ‘Afiat Madani’ Program Really Benefit Everyone? Here’s What People Think!

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The prevailing concern of escalating health issues and the presence of an unhealthy environment within our nation is purportedly on the rise, and this is indeed a distressing situation. As Malaysian citizens, it is imperative for us to address this matter without delay.

An effective course of action involves actively engaging in various programs initiated by the Ministry of Health Malaysia (KKM), such as the Madani Afiat program. By participating in these endeavours, we stand to gain significant advantages pertaining to our overall well-being.

If you are interested in learning more about the Madani Afiat program and its associated benefits, it would be fruitful to seek out the perspectives of individuals who have already engaged with the initiative.

Let us engage in an exchange of opinions and insights on this matter…

“It helps raise awareness on diseases which are on the rise” Liyana, 24

According to Liyana, a trainee nurse, she highly praises the Madani Afiat program, emphasising its substantial merits in positively impacting all Malaysians. She asserts that the program plays a crucial role in enhancing public awareness regarding the surge of prevalent diseases, including breast cancer and cervical cancer.

“People have the opportunity to access valuable information regarding the significance of maintaining good health” -Hanifah Shahar, 38

“I am truly captivated by the Madani Afiat Program due to its diverse range of health-related displays. The program offers a multitude of activities, with particular emphasis on health checks, nutrition, and strategies for preventing diseases like dengue fever.

The opportunity to detect illnesses at an earlier stage and acquire essential knowledge about prioritising one’s health are among the program’s most compelling aspects.”

“There needs to be more programs and campaigns like this across the country” – Satishwaran, 29

Satishwaran, who actively participated in the Madani Afiat program, expressed the viewpoint that such programs should receive increased attention. He recommended that the Ministry of Health conduct extensive campaigns and promotions nationwide to raise awareness about the Madani Afiat program.

Satishwaran believes that this initiative has a profoundly positive impact, particularly for individuals seeking to adopt healthier lifestyles.

“Participating in the Madani Afiat program can significantly enhance one’s fitness level” – Alia Hanani, 17

Through the Madani Afiat program and its various activities, individuals have the opportunity to elevate their fitness levels while engaging in purposeful endeavours.

Alia further highlighted that apart from health check-ups, sports activities like archery, e-sports, and more can bring benefits to all participants across different age groups.

The Ministry of Health’s initiative in launching this program is also able to provide for the local population!

Just FYI, the Ministry of Health has successfully implemented the Madani Afiat program, and its national launch was officiated by the esteemed Chief Minister of Selangor at the Batu Caves House of Representatives, chosen as the inaugural location for this program.

The Madani Afiat Program is the brainchild of YB Dr. Zaliha Mustafa and serves as an initiative by the Ministry of Health. It aims to facilitate the participation of top management, medical professionals, and the community in gathering health information, promoting disease prevention awareness, and fostering closer ties between the Ministry of Health and society at large.

In conjunction with ASEAN Dengue Day, which is celebrated on June 15 every year by all ASEAN countries, Madani Adiat is also filled with the Mega Cooperation Program to Fight Aedes and the One Hour Malaysia Clean up Initiative.

Cooperation activities with the local community have been organised to eliminate Aedes breeding grounds in the area around residents’ homes.

Dengue prevention and control efforts are also strengthened through the involvement of the MyCHAMPION CHOMBI volunteer team across the country as agents of behavioural change in the community.

The Madani Afiat program encompasses a wide array of captivating activities!

Apart from the community cleanup activities, the Madani Afiat program offers a diverse range of engaging activities for the public. These activities encompass Active, Screening, Green, Informative, Interactive, HePiLI, Sales, and Sports activities.

By actively participating in these activities, individuals not only contribute to the vibrancy of the program but also gain valuable knowledge about their health. They have the opportunity to choose and engage in various activities that promote and facilitate a healthier lifestyle.

In line with its name, “Afiat,” which signifies recovery and good health, the Madani Afiat program aligns with the ongoing health reforms undertaken by the Ministry of Health. The ministry aims to achieve its goals through this program, emphasising the significance of health and well-being.

If you are eager to explore further activities under the Madani Afiat program, click HERE to delve into a wealth of information and discover the multitude of offerings available.

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