Speaking directly to its young, well educated, urban dwelling, adult audience, JUICE is positioned as the published manifestation of urban street culture in Malaysia. Covering local and international music and club culture and events, and streetwear and urban art scenes, JUICE has garnered a reputation for its exclusive access, delivering editorial that is in-your-face and unafraid to make waves even as it secures interviews with well respected DJs and musicians, club insiders, artists and industry movers and shakers and special one of a kind coverage for international brands. Nothing else on the market is as edgy, credible or connected.

As a result, JUICE has garnered a large and dedicated following with fans as far away as Kuching and Kota Kinabalu despite its limited geographical reach. This coupled with its immediately accessibility through key outlets to ensure it reached its key demographic also makes JUICE a highly sought after unique two way communication channel between its audience and the retail and marketing industry that serves it, making it the first magazine of choice for media partners targeting young alpha consumers, early adopters and opinion leaders. Distributed through 200 outlets largely throughout the Klang Valley, in January 2009 JUICE moved to expand its distribution to selected news stands seeing its distribution numbers increase to a total of 40,000 copies nationwide, with an estimated readership of 160,000 people. You can reach these people.

Contact the following sales personnel for a copy of our ad rates and to find out the various creative ways in which JUICE can see to it that your campaigns are noticed by the right people.

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