adidas Originals Top Ten Hi ‘Skeleton’


Halloween is near and it’s time for yet another excuse to drink and dress up. It’s not like this American appropriation of a Celtic harvest festival has any cultural relevance to our odd mixture of Asian heritage, but who gives a shit right? This sick pair of adidas Originals Top Ten Hi ‘Skeleton’ sure as hell don’t. With everyone expecting more Stan Smith moves by the three stripe clan, these Top Ten Hi’s come as a nice surprise as we reminisce the days we would rock old school Top Ten’s with a crisp pair of faded dad jeans and puffy sweaters (which we still wear now because #fashion). One of adidas’ first attempts to cross the bridge of basketball and street style, albeit a less flamboyant effort compared to their competitors, the Top Ten Hi’s have always had a mark in history — a subtle legend status sneaker. These nicely designed Top Ten Hi’s are so appropriate for your ghoulish skeletal Halloween look next month that you’re probably already planning now as it comes in a leather base with contrasting suede that overlays for added texture. Go cop a skeletal sweater and mask to pair with these shoes for Halloween and then keep it all until next year or another costume related party that someone somewhere is probably going to throw.

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