adidas Originals Stan Smith SS14: Return of Stan

source: adidas

Once upon a time, the Stan Smiths were regarded as the perfect sneakers for anybody and everybody. An essential to your #menswear alphet game, these shoes have had a history and design that allowed anyone to pair ’em up with any look (JUICE remembers rocking these with a suit for prom thinking we were next level Asian Timberlake). One of adidas’ best-selling shoes of all time with over 40 million pairs sold, the Stan Smith slowly made its way from the tennis court to the shoe game court in the streets, establishing itself as a staple in everyone’s shoe rack. The original shoe was introduced and developed for the French tennis player Robert Haillet in the mid-‘60s. When Haillet retired, the brand looked towards Stan to endorse these shoes and the rest became history as the name was added into the shoe at the start of the ‘70s, slowly making everyone forget the true origins of said sneakers (sorry Robby!). Being the world’s first leather tennis shoe in 1971, yo’ boy Stan won the US Open and Davis Cup while reppin’ these kicks. Much impress, as doge would have worded it.

But as time progressed, the cruel world of the sneaker game slowly foresaw the simplicity of the Stan Smiths and brought us more and more ridiculously strapped, studded, and colourful monstrosities that made all the hypebeasts chuck this classic sneaker to their back closet.  But now adidas is keen on making a comeback and is posed to drop them as fresh as possible with its iconic colourways. Featuring three different heel tab colour options including the OG green alongside red and blue, it was released with supple sweet delicious leathers in January as well as having the suede versions that just dropped this month.  So for your #klkix and #womft game to stay fresh and on point, ya’ll better get them as soon as possible before a certain flowery sneaker aficionado that JUICE is very familiar with seeks to swipe ’em all and ‘gram ’em first.

source: adidas source: adidas source: adidas

The collection will only be available at all Crossover Stores and Solewhat retailing at RM340.