adidas EQT F15 Series

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The adidas EQT F15 series is another sneaker model that has been brought back from the ’90s, but as you can see, it has been edged up with a fashionable futuristic appeal. The series consists of three variants of the sneaker, each sharing the same characteristics of having a woven upper with a sockliner construction. The adidas EQT F15 1/3 (pictured above) is the silhouette that retained the original EQT midsole cut as well as the original combination of colors, while the 2/3 and 3/3 ride higher on the ankles and have comfortable suede accents on either side of the sneaker.

Check out the series below, starting with the adidas EQT F15 1/3:

The adidas EQT F15 2/3:

The adidas EQT F15 3/3:

The adidas EQT F15 Series retails from €209.90 (approx. RM944.10) to €219.90 (approx. RM989.08) via Allike Store

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