Adele: 21 (XL)

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Leona Lewis, Lily Allen and Amy Winehouse: these women have brought tsunamis of success, credibility and even derision to the female-led industry of Britpop. But none other has the voice, soul, talent and heart to bring cheating bastards to their knees, begging and crying, than Adele.

Just take one listen to ‘Someone Like You’ (or better yet, watch her spellbinding performance on Later… With Jools Holland) and suddenly, all the regrets and yearning for lovers who have moved on with their lives all come back at you like a boo-hammer-rang from the heartbreak hell that is your past. With Paul Epworth, Jim Abiss, Rick Rubin and Ryan Tedder on board as producers, the sprawling mess that could be is thankfully held in place by Adele’s big, emotive voice.

‘Rolling In The Deep’ and ‘Rumour Has It’ are the instant chart-thumpers, and ‘He Won’t Go’ and the cover of The Cure’s ‘Lovesong’ are easy-to-love pleasers. Yes, she’s just in her early 20s, it’s only her 2nd album and it’s not a genre-breaker, but we know Adele’s got serious talent to last and (hopefully or not) heartbreak tales to tell well into her 60s. So go ahead and show some love for the big gal, cos she deserves it.

LISTEN TO: ‘Rumour Has It’
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Text: Christopher Ujine Ong

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