Ad.diction @ twentyone tables+terrace

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Set on the 3rd floor of BSC, twentyone tables+terrace has a swanky interior, nice view and classy crowd. Addiction started out innocently enough, with the well dressed crowd slowly filling up the bar, mingling and chatting, while DJ Xu played some sweet sweet nu disco, it seemed like it was going to be a nice, chill night. But little did I know the winds of change were a blowing, all the way from Brazil and Las Vegas…

Enter MC Ivory from Las Vesga and Luciano from Brazil. Once they took the stage and by stage I mean  the edge of the fountain situated in the bar, things got real. The 3 really got the crowd going with rapping and the kind of booty shaking that can only come after years of training. After seeing many a video on youtube on the dance crazes that come from Brazil, I was frightened at what could happen next (see here, NSFW).

Thankfully minus one awkward moment of this socially reclusive writer being ‘grinded up on’ (I have no swagger!) it was rather tame and very entertaining. Xu took over after MC Ivory’s first show and started playing a bit more aggressively. Like big house sounds with a disco tinge, there was ‘Barbra Streisand’, Atraks’ ‘Heads will roll’ remix to keep the dancefloor moving. MC Ivory and Luciano hit the fountain again later in the night.

All in all, a great night. Open to all types of crowds. Tables there for a social mingle, dancefloor for some letting loose and a fountain ledge for the extroverts to shake their money makers. It’s also great to see fusion music nights like this and cheers to more to come!

Addiction is held every third Saturday at Twentyone tables+terrace in BSC. Check out the gallery from the night here.