Add to Your Wonder Woman Fandom With These Cool Tribute Posters

Images Poster Posse

Fun fact: 3 June was Wonder Woman day, and to celebrate the special occasion, the awesome people at Poster Posse compiled not one but two lists of kickass posters done by various artists for your perusal. If you’ve been living beneath a shell, the release of DC’s latest female superhero movie directed by Patty Jenkins took on with major success during the last weekend. The numbers are still rolling in, but Jenkins’ take on the Amazonian princess garnered over $220 million in international sales, making Wonder Woman the most successful female-led and directed superhero film – a big deal considering the percentage of female directors being only 4% female across 1,000 top movies within year 2007-2016, according to a USC study. Best still, after the critical disaster that was the previous two Snyder films in the DCEU, Wonder Woman has become the best-rated superhero movie based on a DC character after Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight. To pay homage to the iconic character and celebrate this incredible feat, Poster Posse’s compilation is nothing short of great and even though we’re not sure if they’re up for sale, we’re sure it’s gonna look nice on lock screen. Ja’ feels?

Have a look below:

If a two-hour long sitting of action made you fall in love with Gal Gadot – or rather, her role as Diana Prince – then take a look at the entire collection here: part 1 and part 2