Adam Cooper’s ‘I Would Die 4 U’ Remix

From spinning his way through the biggest dancefloors, to producing his very own podcast, Adam Cooper has proudly made a release of his latest remix of the 80s classic ‘I would die 4 u’, originally sung by legendary soul guitarist, Prince.

Because of the number of individuals these days that just loathe the remakes and remixes of classics, Cooper sure had the weight of the world on his shoulders. He knew better than to not smother the original track with layers of useless noises just for the sake of producing a good track.

Cooper continued with the progressive house vibe, and then moved on to trance. The transition made the song even more captivating to hear, as the light-airy sound coordinated extremely well with the vocals and didn’t create one huge heavy mess. As different parts of the song take place, the emotions of the listener is automatically amped. The only explanation to that, this champ of a producer has created a very powerful yet light background that hugged the vocals so well that it somehow accentuated Prince’s emotional lyrics.

Adam Cooper really made his remix sound effortless, while still staying in the beat of the original song and sticking to his true sound.

To get your copy of this track, check out Adam Cooper’s official Soundcloud. For more information on his future work log on to his Facebook page.