Janna Nick’s IG & Twitter Gone After She Insults K-Pop Fans & Threatens Them With Police Report

(source: MStar)

According to Kosmo, Janna Nick, the Malaysian actress who’s no stranger to controversy, has lodged a police report against K-pop fans for attacking her online.

Both Janna’s Instagram and Twitter accounts have also been deleted following the incident – it is unclear if the actress deactivated it herself or if the accounts were removed following mass-reporting from angry netizens.

Yesterday (21 Feb), K-pop fans found an old video of Janna’s that resurfaced. In the video, Janna and another actress, Sharifah Sakinah are seen laughing over the death of K-pop group Shinee’s vocalist Jonghyun, who died by suicide.

While Sharifah has not addressed the 8-second clip, Janna later on emphasised that she didn’t know what Sakinah was asking because “the salon was quite noisy at that time”.

Recently, Janna also received flak for her production company disrespectfully naming a ‘gedik gila‘ (bratty) character, ‘Lisa Blackpig’ in an upcoming rom-com movie. Many fans of Blackpink were unhappy with Janna’s decision as they deemed it to be an insult to the K-Pop group and their fandom.

One of the many Malaysian Blackpink fan accounts tweeted, “In our context, pig/babi is literally an offensive term used to mock or devalue someone. The fact that she did this to gain some cheap publicity for her studio flop is very low. De-platform her, every films and dramas of hers”.

(source: Hype MY)

The 25-year-old then announced on her now-deactivated social media platforms that she hopes all the accounts that participated in calling her out will be identified following her police report. She uploaded a snapshot of a police station saying, “All screenshots have been recorded by the authorities and action will be taken against the cyber crimes committed.”

This backfired as many netizens started to mass-report her social media accounts which may have led to their deletion.

In fact, more than 60,000 tweets went up since yesterday, with the hashtags #JannaNickIsGoingToJailParty and #JANNANICKGOINGTOJAILPARTY.

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