Accordion Hero

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After the success of Guitar Hero, there’s now… Accordion Hero. Yes, you read it right. It is bizarre, but critics are giving it 2 thumbs up. Some even say that you should forget about Counter-Strike and pick up Accordion Hero II. Yes, it already has it’s 2nd release. Accordion Hero includes hits from traditional polka songs to MC Hammer beats. This could be interesting.

This game was ‘produced’ by Schandenfreude Interactive, which isn’t a real company. The site is worth a visit to check out their other high-profile titles like Cthulhu Karts and Hannibal Crossing though. All they’re missing is Gears of Fore, an FPS starring a polo shirt-wearing old white guy who pulls guns out of his golf bag to shoot aliens.

This version of the mega hit game Guitar Hero lets you punk out with your own accordion. We also just found Harmonica Hero, Trumpet Hero, Piano Hero, Flute Hero and even Cowbell Hero. We’re not sure if they are real, but man oh man, we’re not surprised if they do exist. Someone should ham up other alternatives like Recorder Hero, Ukulele Hero, Castanet Hero … the possibilities are endless! Nevertheless, it’s a nicely done game mod.

Here’s a sample.


You can also check out this site out to look at Accordion Hero.

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