Advertorial: Absolut Illustrate: Hanger A/W11 x Absolut

Absolut is all about honing creativity and here they celebrate the rise of upcoming fashion illustrators who not only draw their own path in life but are creating masterpieces with it.

Coordinated + text Sueann Chong
Image Miranda Yeoh

Jessica Ling
Give Jessica a piece of clothes and she would turn it into a dress, give her an empty can and she will rock it as a headgear and give her paper scraps and make it into art she does. Truly multi-talented and creative, Jessica’s deftness lies in creating things out of the unobvious objects possible. She’s also a wicked DIY fashion aficionado who would like you to play a game of search for the Absolut bottle in this picture.

Right now, Manchien is our little talented obsession. We’ve featured her in our previous Absolut Ingenuity shoot and you can witness why we’re so hooked on her designs our Runway section. This piece she named “Rock My Horse” is about Swedish girl in a lace dress eating a slice of vanilla cake on a wooden rocking horse. Artists are so random or maybe it’s because your answer to where Absolut is from lies in this work of art.

Kay Lee Ho
Saying that Graphic Designer Kay Lee Ho is creative is stating the obvious. She also dabble in photography when she’s not creating art and has an extremely unique sense of style – no one can pull off the ’90s drop crotch jeans quite like her. Her piece is inspired by the Japanese ukiyo-e craft and the little ladies symbolizes how all the good stuff in life makes you feel.

Gael Froget
The fashion student from Limkokwing University Of Creative Technology may seem aloof and the guy too cool to approach but try playing match the art to the artist and you’d be in for a shocker. His paintings are colour crazy and leaves you feeling a little unsettled – like happiness that teeters on insanity. Still, they are paintings that are recognizably his.!


Ng Siow Foon
Ng siow Foon of better known as just Foon is the brainchild behind the really interesting collection of handmade accessories called Things Eye Made. Aptly named, Things Eye Made is basically a range of miniature frames of necklaces, rings and earrings to Foon artwork. Mostly dark and sad, her illustration is a favourite amongst those who find beauty in misery but just for Absolut she ups the joy factor here and even incorporates winter wheat in her design – which is the core ingredient in Absolut vodka.

Elaine Gina

A fashion design student from LimKokWing University of Creative Techonlogy, Elaine who started developing her own style only towards the last year of her fashion design course has garnered admiration from those in the industry even before graduating. In this particular artwork, there’s a girl sitting in a bottle – which did you see first?

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