VIDEO: ABeatC’s Single ‘Losing You (feat. Stemilyn)’ Imbues Beatboxing with Real Songwriting and Pathos

With the exception of the legendary Rahzel, you don’t see beatboxers transitioning from animated live performers to recorded artistes often. But beatboxing – or an early form of vocal percussion at least – has been around even before hip hop, it’s a storied artform that by right shouldn’t be relegated to mere novelty. One of Malaysia’s better-known beatboxers, ABeatC, is looking to cross that barrier with his full-fledged beatbox single ‘Losing You’.

Aided by electronic musician Dae Kim’s production and composition, and Jocelyn Stemilyn’s ethereal vocals, the breakbeat and d’n’b influence of modern beatboxing is given actual songwriting and emotional context. As described by ABeatC, the morose song is reflective of a depressive phase most would go through in modern life, “… to ride the emotional roller coaster while society and reality breathes down your neck, it’s suffocating and deafening at the same time, unable to express or share your burden, we’re eaten and tortured from the inside.” Coupled with its moody neon-lit music video that’s seemingly focused on ABeatC’s expressive eyes, that statement certainly rings true.

Watch the Nicholas Chin-directed video below:

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