A Sunday Affair | The Judgment Day x Malaysia Got Hip Hop

With a double bill of The Judgment Day and Malaysia Got Hip Hop, you bet this month’s A Sunday Affair is themed after hip hop and other genre offshoots that fall under the ‘urban’ umbrella. But don’t reduce that to just hip hop DJs playing turnt up choons to a crowd of fuccbois and Hypebaes – the LapSap curated outdoor concert and bazaar will also see activities pertaining to the overall hip hop culture; dance auditions are to be held at Live House (2pm to 3pm) where both b-boying and all styles are encouraged to participate, then the dancing continues from 3.30pm to 9pm at the Rhapsody Square with crew versus crew and five-on-five battles, along with a beatbox performance. Back at the Electric Boulevard, the stage is to be graced by SonaOne, Naufal & I-Sky, Emir Hermono x Fliko, f r s, Afaro, and Nazkimo. Oh, and not forgetting the LapSap boys, of course.

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