A Spoonful Of Hunny

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What do you think would happen if jazz and hip hop got married? Well, they’d give birth to the unique, spunky, soulful sounds of Malaysia’s own Hunny Madu. Dropping her EP last month,  JUICE got our hands on Miss Madu’s CD and checked out for ourselves what all the buzz was about. Verdict’s in – we dig it!

Featuring 4 tracks written, arranged and produced by the Fly.FM DJ herself, the album showcases Hunny’s vivacious take on music and is guaranteed to get you movin’ and groovin’ to her beats. Don’t believe us? Have your own take on Hunny and catch the singer live as she hits up some hot venues soon – Laundry Bar (March 13), Bangkok Jazz (April 3), Apartment (April 17) and No Black Tie (May 1) for her EP tour launch.

Grab an invite at http://www.facebook.com/people/Hunny-Madu/ or call Beaming Stars, 03 21621180 or 012 235 9876 for more information.

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