A Modern Girl’s Take on Women’s Etiquette

Natalie Westling

Yet again, here’s another amazing “guide video” by i-D Magazine. We know what you’re thinking; having a conglomerate like a magazine to dictate — especially if you’re a woman — on what’s considered appropriate conduct is archaic and sexist. But trust us, this video is completely empowering. The fashion publication commissioned teen model Natalie Westling as the subject to interpret the ’50s rules on etiquette and politeness set upon women. For example, with “learn how to sew,” we see Natalie sewing badges of feminist punk bands on her denim jacket; with “make sure your man is well fed”, we see her feeding her pet (tom)cat. The video goes on in that deconstructive fashion until its brilliant conclusion where the young model asserts her power onto the well-known patriarchal phrase, ” a woman always knows her place.”

And indeed she does.

Watch it below:

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