A Mid Autumn Festival Celebration To Light Up Bandar Rimbayu

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Whether you call it Mid Autumn Festival, Moon Festival, Lantern Festival or Mooncake Time(!); the celebration of the Autumn Equinox, when the moon is at its farthest point from the earth and appears bright and completely round, is a time of joy for communities around the world. Not only is it celebrated by Malaysians and Singaporeans with their neighbours of different ethnical backgrounds, but also by the Koreans, Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese.

Looking to spread the festive spirit, IJM Land Bandar Rimbayu’s Mid Autumn Festival celebration is set to host a memorable event at the ARC show gallery. With attendees expected from Rimbayu’s community and the public, the event will be filled with popular cultural games, costume-wearing photo sessions, and other fun activities to participate in with family and friends.

An array of Malaysian cuisine will be prepared while 200 lanterns will be given out to children present at the event. There’s also a BBQ and kids can enjoy playing by the shallow fish pond.

Another highlight, happening at night, will be the lantern parade procession and the lighting of a massive 30ft dragon lantern.

The procession is a chance for visitors to enjoy the green scenery that Bandar Rimbayu is renowned for that is usually off-limits to those who aren’t staying there.

Apart from Malaysia, Mid Autumn Festival is also celebrated in countries such as Vietnam, Japan, China and Korea. Spread across the Green Show Gallery, stalls representing the five countries will have games and information on how Mid Autumn Festival is celebrated in the respective countries to ensure that this will be an educational outing for kids as well as adults.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get together with friends and families in this beautifully lush environment. If you aren’t convinced, then just checkout the photos in this post – they were taken during last year’s celebration. And if festive celebrations aren’t your thing, then just go for the free mooncakes.

For more information about IJM LAND Berhad and the Mid Autumn Festival celebration at Bandar Rimbayu, visit their website or Facebook Page.