A Malaya Disco Party with Rooks, Kiki Mizuhara, and Roshan at Under9

Are you someone who was born decades after the disco era but often romanticises that part of history and wished to have been part of it? If yes, here’s your chance. The boys of SaturdaySelects — Rooks, Roshan and Kiki Mizhuara — will be hosting a Malaya-themed disco party at Under9 next weekend for “groovy beats, horns and synths from the late ’70s.” Folks will be treated to a variety of genres that embody the aforementioned characteristics and can treat themselves to plenty of drinks throughout the night.

For an idea of what to expect from these DJs sets, listen to Rooks’ own beat below:

… and Roshan’s mix:

… and finally, Kiki Mizuhara:

More information on the event here.