A Kim Kardashian Colouring Book

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There’s a lot of talks that Kim Kardashian’s fame is waning; not only is she no longer the celebrity with the most Instagram followers (it’s now Taylor Swift and her cats), but it seems that her sister Kylie Jenner has surpassed her for being the most famous Kardashian (yes, we do keep up with mindless celebrity gossips from time to time). However, Kim’s pop culture status has been elevated a few notches as illustrator Christina Lee has made a 20-page colouring book after being inspired by flipping through a friend’s copy of Kim’s coffee table book Selfish — a book filled with her own selfies, of course! The images of Kim with no skin pigment and colour are at once amusing and terrifying, case in point the cover of the book. This is a great playtime exercise for the hoard of Kardashian munchkins, no?

Take a closer look below:

The Kim Kardashian colouring book retails for $13 (approximately RM54), available here