A-dressing Current Issues: Levi’s 501 Eco Jeans

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It seems that the biggest topic today when discussing fashion issues is no longer only about what fits, what looks great or who is wearing what anymore. There is a new and more urgent matter at hand to address here – the environment. And Levi’s has taken it upon themselves to do the right thing by creating their own eco-friendly denim made out of 100% organic cotton.

The launching of this special edition men’s Levi’s 501 Eco jeans coincides with the Levi’s 501 Day celebration on 1 May 2009. Inspired by its classic 1947 design, this range is made shrink-to-fit, vintage-looking mid-worn finish and tailored from selvedge fabric. Also, instead of its usual red tab, this special edition will carry a white tab device with green Levi’s sign off to mark its exclusivity.

More dibs about organic cotton
Organic cotton starts with seeds that are not genetically modified or treated with pesticides or fungicides – so don’t expect any mutated species like that talking plant in the Little Shop Of Horror. During the growth period, weed and pest control is taken care of by hand hoeing and the use of natural predators, trap crops and biological practices. From growth through harvesting, the process is monitored by The Organic Trade Association – so no cheating there!

With every Levi’s 501 special edition Eco purchased, guys, you’d be doing good too because RM5 will go to the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) that is sponsoring KPA’s (School Nature Club) tree planting program. But don’t take our word for it, head down to C50, Concourse, Suria KLCC, KL and do your part.

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