A Diet We Can Stand Behind: The Drunk Diet

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If anyone else out there is barely grasping the last thread of their New Years resolution to get healthy, don’t worry – help is on the way! Meet Luc Carl and his Drunk Diet. But before you take a swig of that Johnny Walker, it’s not about drinking to lose pounds (life’s not THAT good)! It’s about being healthy while still partying like a rockstar, after all, isn’t it all about balance?

As many dancefloor enthusiasts would know, frequent late night frolics can lead to some unwanted poundage. After some research, Carl was told over and over again that one could not lose weight while drinking heavily. So he did what any anti-establishment rocker would do…

… he said eff that. Follow his blog for tips on healthy living, balanced and some blunt words of encouragement. We’re loving the realness of his advice and are already looking forward to the book. Here’s to being healthy while still having fun!

Image: http://drunkdiet.com/

Find out more about the Drunk Diet and Luc Carl at his blog.

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