a continuous lapse in judgment

Anyone remember the Segway Human Transporter? It debuted in the mass market three years ago, and was supposed to revolutionise the way we skip off to the 7 Eleven for a brew and a Kit Kat. The revolution didn’t come. Yeah, a few people are using Segways to get around these days (not here in KL, though) but the nerdy, supergeeky stigma that was latched onto the transporter made it a pop culture dud, a one-man Edsel if you would. Inventor and Segway CEO Dean Kamen, however, is undaunted.

Check this out:

(read the Engadget news story here.)
The first two on the left are the i2s, basically streamlined upgrades of the original transporters. But the one on the right is what i’m talking about. That’s the X2. It’s like a battery powered, gyroscopic, runs-over-grass-and-gravel-at-12-miles-an-hour single-capacity Hummer. I can imagine US Marines zipping through the bomb-cratered streets of Fallujah in these things. Or maybe Xzibit could ride one of these things over to West Coast Customs and pimp it the hell out with 6 LCD screens and 2 XBox 360s and a metallic lime green paint job.

People, please. It’s a scooter with truck tires. Give me a bicycle any day.