a continuous lapse in judgment, pt. 4

Everyone knows by now that the new Transformers movie is coming out next July 7th. Some people know that Michael Bay (of The Island, Con Air and *egads* The Rock infamy) is directing it. Few people know what the movie will turn out looking like. We can only pray. Well, how’s this for more than meets the eye: we went looking for concept art for the movie, and lo and behold, the new Transformers:

Optimus Prime: What have they done to you?! Even some Gundam models don’t have that many loose parts flapping about their main chassis. Sure, I suppose it would look cool to see this mass of jangling circuits run around in computer-generated reality, but still… won’t everything just fly off at the first ray gun blast?

If you thought that was a bit weird, check this:

Megatron: OMG! He’s not even a gun! And his face looks like shrapnel! Why did they have to make him transform into some generic spaceship? The fact that his face looks like the inside of a fancy blender doesn’t really do it at all for us, either.
Oh well. At least we can hope that the storyline will be satisfying. But wait, this is a Michael Bay movie, isn’t it…?

Check out the Official Transformers Movie Site for more, uh, surprises. Roll Out.