a continuous lapse in judgment, pt.2

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Let me translate that Japanese text for you.

What we have here is a USB-powered seat cooler, for those times when the office air conditioning just ain’t doing it for your hot crossed buns, or for after your boss hogs your PC because it’s way faster than his no-harddrive-memory-left, last-time-i-defragged-it-was-when-Movement-was-still-standing computer. Just plug this baby into one of your PC’s USB ports, and it’ll suck in ambient air through its powerful turbine and redirect the air flow through the many miniscule vents on the seat cover. We don’t recommend this to anyone with short, floaty skirts, long hair, and possessed of mighty pungent BO. We don’t need you to share the wealth on that last bit, man.
The guys over at Engadget.com don’t quite know what to make of this thing either.