A Chat with DJ Reeve

At the rate he is going, there is no stopping DJ Reeve. His impressive resume says it all anyway; winner of Astro SpinMaster 2010, Best Turntablist of the year 09/10 by Choons Awards, Malaysia Club DJ Mixing Challenge winner and the list goes on and on.

Then again, this Malacca bloke is no newbie. He knew turntabalism was his calling when he witnessed spectacular performances by Mix Master Mike, DJ Craze, DJ Jazzy Jeff and A-Trak on video. At just the ripe age of 19, he was already an apprentice in Pure Bar, Malacca. He then continued to pick up skills from DJ Fuzz at Mixology DJ Academy.

Currently, one of his biggest night would be 4Play 2.0 at Zouk with his friend and mentor DJ Goldfish. He takes his skills to new heights by endlessly composing live remixes of hip hop, rnb and club classics that stimulates, astonish and electrify the club goers. On top of all this, he is also the official DJ for Malaysia rapper, Micstarr Vybe.

Being the nice guy that he is, he took 10 minutes of his time to have a little chat with JUICE.

You’ve been DJing for some time now. Could you tell us more about how you started in Malacca and ended all the way up north in Penang and KL?
I started off as an apprentice in Pure Bar and spun in most of the bigger clubs around Melaka. That time I garnered real quality experiences and also picked up advices from those who came before me. My first KL gig was the most memorable one, KL UNDERCOVER. Shout out to Kevin Yeoh for that. After I picked up turntablism technique from DJ Fuzz, I started to participate all the battles to gain more exposure and experience. It started off well and through battles I garnered enough reputation to step onto bigger platforms nationwide. The most recognizable battle I won would be Astro Spinmaster Season 1 because that is when I met my current mentor, Alvin aka DJ Goldfish. He took me and gave me a spot in Zouk 4play 2.0. The rest is history.

You reside in Malacca but you spin weekly at Zouk and Movida, which is a lot of travelling. How is that going for you? How much have you spent on tolls?
Trust me, A LOT! Personally, the money can’t compare with the fun I’m having. For me, my career officially begins now because when I travel I learn more. The culture, sounds, people and FOOD are really different. I seen a lot so I don’t really mind to travel as long I gain something from the trip.

Tell us about collaborating with MICSTARR VYBE. Besides him, are you working with anyone else?

Nope. For MC, I regard him as the master of his trade. He has a very strong personality when he holds a microphone. We have collaborated quite a number of events and holding residency in the biggest MONDAY NIGHT nationwide at Arena Melaka.

Who are the Malaysian DJs that influence you?
For HIP HOP are DJ Goldfish, DJ Nesh, DJ Face, DJ Cza, DJ Fuzz, A-ROX and DJ Ken. For EDM are DJ Ben Cracko, DJ Victor G, DJ Terrence C and also Lapsap (Blink & XU). Shout out to them to guide me though my DJing career.

You’re quite established in Malaysia’s EDM scene. What’s next for you? Will you do original tracks in the footsteps of Blink & Goldfish?
Yeap, my dream now is to master producing and able to produce a track with them. Their In the House is the current top dance anthem in my playlist now. Currently I am working on my first official mixtape, My Superheroes that will be featuring Vibe.

How would you describe your musical style and how do you drop the bomb on the party rockers?
I’ll define it with a Malaysia delicacy, rojak. Mixture of different fruits (skills), paste (music) and spices (showmanship) creates a perfect formula for the dance floor. Basically I like mash things up into a formula.

If we were to introduce an EDM fan to you, which night would you invite him to go for?
4PLAY 2.0 and LOUD

Who are your favourite international acts and what have you learned from them?
Haven’t really met any of my favorites live, but through YouTube, I learn a lot from DJ Vice, DJ AM, DJ Jazzy Jeff and lots more. All the videos seem to tell me something. ‘BOY, YOU ARE STILL NOT GOOD ENOUGH’ hahaha.

“How do you like your glass of Johnnie Walker Black Label and if you had one person in the world to share it with, who would it be?”
I would love my glass of Johnnie Walker Black Label on the rocks, sitting next to my mentor in an exclusive club just chilling.

Any tips for aspiring young DJs?
Promoting via Facebook , Twitter and other social networking are good. But don’t neglect the true essence being a DJ. DJing needs a lot of dedication, passion and practices. Have fun.

Get to know DJ Reeve better and listen to his podcast at www.facebook.com/djreeve

Interview courtesy of Johnnie Walker. DJ Reeve will be spinning at the Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Penang Party on Thursday 25 August 2011. To score some invites, head to www.facebook.com/JohnnieWalkerMalaysia. Or alternatively, try winning a pair of passes from us at our Contest Section.