8TV Word: Lyrical Battlefield

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source: 8tv

It’s like a more intense high school debate! 8TV’s Word brings the world of battle rap — previously purely an underground phenomenon — into mainstream broadcast, making it Malaysia’s first ever reality programme to do so. While you seasoned hip hop scenesters can scoff at the show and pride yourself in having saw local battles on YouTube shows before, well, those shows didn’t pit rappers against one another for RM 25,000 cash! Airs weekly, the show selects 8 MCs for an improv verbal bout (possibly pre-written) to crown themselves Malaysia’s televised rap battle champion. While we are not too poetic with insults (we reserve this skill to stand-up comedians), we’re still psyched to witness epic put downs by others to another.

Word is every Friday at 10pm exclusively on 8TV. For more information log on to www.8tv.com.my. Alternatively, watch the show at www.tonton.com.my, 8TV is also available on Astro’s channel 708.