808 Acolytes, Download This Homebrewed Ableton Instrument Rack — 808 Bender

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source: 808 Bender

The local scene has seen a rise in aspiring producers lately – no doubt thanks to the easy accessibility of DAWs on the internet (legal or otherwise). The constant production tenor now, so to speak, is unsurprisingly the 808 bass, what not with the popularity of trap and the wider influence Atlanta has on production, particular that of the dance genre. Kuala Lumpur producer Mushroom Buttons had been an early adopter of trappy 808s, and with an unofficial title like ‘HOAX God’ bestowed upon him by the ATL-worshipping young’uns, it makes sense that it’s got to be him who’d produce an Ableton instrument rack specifically for tweaking the 808 sound. With a few knob adjustments, with the 808 Bender users can manipulate their 808 bass to glide, distort, and wobble to their heart’s content via a very simple layout. As explained by Buttons in the description, “producers are now heavily tweaking the stock 808 sound to give their beats more character,” thus making this instrument rack the perfect remedy to avoid sounding like a SoundCloud amateur.

808 Bender comes packed in Ableton Live Pack along with the stems from the demo and is compatible with both Ableton Live 9 and its 9.5 version.

Watch a quick video demo below:

Purchase the 808 Bender for a mere USD2.99 via Sellfy here.