7UP & Lipton Ice Tea Natural Art Campus Design Challenge

7UP & Lipton Ice Tea Natural Art Campus Design Challenge brought a whole different ballgame to reusing bottles and cans (scoffs at reused bottle as lame a stationary holder). The challenge saw groups of students building larger than life structures utilizing only recycled materials.

These creations were to be based upon 7 chosen landmarks – Petronas Twin Towes, Colosseum, Sphinx, Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal, Golden Gate Bridge and Leaning Tower of Pisa. Bottles upon bottles were stacked and glued together by 27 different participating teams in hopes to win the grand prize of a 3 month long internship at international ad agencies plus iPad 2s.

We, Mirths from Taylor’s University emerged winners with their Colosseum inspired creation. Their abstract and creative interpretation helped nab them the top prize. Second place went to Step Up Voice Out whose structure was based upon Petronas Twin Towers winning each team member iPad 2s.

To check out these recycled structures, click here.