7th Anniversary @ Zouk

They say that dogs age 15 times faster than humans. And being wild beasts ourselves, we can hardly believe it’s been 7 years since Zouk threw open its doors to us. Because in clubland, 7 years is a very, very long time.

Images Andy Kho

But it’s great that Zouk still manages to keep it fresh. Everyone at JUICE towers were wondering what the theme would be this year. We’ve seen the likes of Alice In Wonderland, Urban Baroque and Fantasia-themed parties in the past, so how would a 7-year-old club celebrate its birthday? The answer: Just like a kid!

To tickle the little kid/animal in us, candy and sweets were served by childish-looking adults-some looked like Katy Perry doubles-hired by Zouk to prep things up. The playful décor really helped liven things up as did the ressies in their respected rooms. With over 3000 party people flocking to the club that night, DJs Goldfish, Reeve, Luqe, Radzi, Ken, Pietro and Supersonic, and MC Naqib had their hands full but kept the music flowing at a steady tempo.

All said and done, despite throwing a great party, Zouk did not outdo themselves this year and they shouldn’t have to. Cos if you’re a 7-year-old club and you’re still acting like a kid, then you must be doing something right. Happy Birthday, kid!

The Zouk 7th Anniversary went down on 24 March. Keep Zouk-ing out at www.zoukclub.com.my.