Bobby Burns: Bringing The Heat

Known for his frequent collaborations with Afrojack, Bobby Burns started spinning tracks in 1996, but it wasn’t until 2007 that his name blew up in Holland due to the success of his track ‘From Holland’. Since then, he’s been busy tearing up the international dance circuits and is about to bring the heat to Zouk @ Sepang this Saturday. Despite his busy schedule, JUICE managed to sit the famed Dutch DJ down for a grilling in the hot seat.

You’ve been in the music scene for quite some time already, how has it progressed in your opinion? Good/bad?
I think it has become much easier compare to the old days of EDM. The good thing is you can be a hit today. Social media is a strong platform. The bad thing is, a good record has a shorter life span so you have to put out more today.

What’s working with Afrojack like?
He can play a beat and I’ll say it’s sh!t or it’s the bomb, and it’s the same way when it’s the other way around. That way we won’t spend hours or days on a song which will never see the light of day. Besides, after working together in the studio for years, we’ve become best friends. So we always make sure it’s not only work mode all the time, and that there’s enough time for fun.

What annoys you about your job?
I get to meet so many great people and visit so many great countries, but sometimes there isn’t enough time to explore when I’m on tour.

If you could change one thing that you’ve done, what would it be?
Not a clue.

Good answer, we’re clueless ourselves. If you could headline for any festival, which would it be and why?
EDC Las Vegas – I saw what an amazing production they had and there were so many people partying, you gotta love it!

Finally, give your fans in KL a shout out and a preview of what’s to come at Sepang this April.

 Be sure to catch Bobby Burns at Zouk @ Sepang: The Experience on 7 April 2012. More details here.