7 Reasons Why You Should Spend New Year’s Eve At CITTA Mall

Hold up, New Year’s Eve, at a mall?

Hakuna your tatas, chill and hear us out because Citta Mall could be the perfect place for you to celebrate New Year’s Eve after all.

1. Start off your day by having brunch at The Manhattan FISH MARKET

Ahh, The Manhattan FISH MARKET—an oldie but definitely a goldie. We’ve all been there, done that. But often we forget all about the oldies, similar to how we’re always eager to dive in the new year and forget all about the past year. Let’s not make it the case for The Manhattan FISH MARKET, and head back to get a taste of the sea and ocean once again. Explore their new icefish menu, or just stick to their impressive classic, Manhattan Flaming Seafood Platter. Just be sure to keep your distance from the fire, fellow Instagrammers!

2. Stop by Gelaré and get yourself and your friends and family desserts

It wouldn’t be a satisfying meal if you leave out dessert, so bring along your family and friends to Gelaré, the Australian breakfast and dessert café that serves amazing ice creams and waffles that are all natural sans preservatives, colouring or stabilisers! Forget Baskin Robbins and try something new. Besides, ice-cream can never do you wrong. If you’ve spent your university days in Australia, then you would be familiar with Geláre’s bestseller ice-cream flavours! For how could anyone forget sinfully rich flavours like Vanilla Bean, Macadamia Nut, and Oregon Mint Fudge? Have a cheat day and treat yourself since it’s New Years Eve!

3. Bring your friends and family for a movie at MBO Cinema

We love our family, and we love our friends, but sometimes only in small doses. Well then, what better way to spend time together yet have your own space than watching a movie? Let’s not forget all the amazing blockbuster movies that are on screen at the moment. Jumanji, Pitch Perfect 3, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, heck, feel free to take your pick.

4. Take a quick pit-stop at Blokke

If you’ve got kids with you and they’re getting a little restless after that awesome movie, head on over to Blokke for a quick pit-stop. You can have cake while the little ones spend their energy at the play area as Blokke comes with an Indoor Playground, Blokke-building classes, BlokkeShop and Party Space.

5. Have dinner at the one and only Curries N Claws

Now, it’s probably time to eat yourself into another food coma, and trust us, Curries N Claw will be the perfect place to do that. We’re Malaysians, and it wouldn’t be normal if we didn’t love to makan all day everyday. If you are an avid lover of banana leaf rice, you’ll have to stop by Curries N Claw because the selection of curries and meats here are a little different than what you would get at most places, especially the crab curry!

6. Reminisce about 2017 and have a glass of wine or two at The Barn

It’s New Year’s Eve, which means we need to wine and dine our way into the new year because it really wouldn’t be right to gather around with friends and family without a glass or two in our hands before the clock strikes 12. With it’s warm and laid-back atmosphere, The Barn is the perfect place to huddle around with your friends and family, where you can laugh, eat and drink your way into a happy 2018. No New Year’s Eve is complete without a little wine that’ll certainly loosen you up in time to enjoy performances at Citta Mall’s New Year Countdown party!

7. Join the countdown party at Citta Mall and enjoy performances by Adibah Noor, Shawn Lee, The Lost Radio and more!

The highlight of New Year’s Eve will always be the promising New Year Countdowns that are held everywhere around town. There’s just something about standing among a huge crowd, screaming and cheering under the fireworks when midnight arrives that makes the whole experience amazing, making us come back for more each year. This year, Citta Mall will be holding their very own 2018 New Year Countdown on 31st December! The amazing event will feature incredible performances from local artists such as Adibah Noor, Shawn Lee, The Lost Radio, Baki Zainal and RJVN! You definitely wouldn’t want to miss out on this event!

Here you go, we’ve got your entire New Year’s Eve planned out for you and all you have to do is follow through for a whooping awesome schedule to end 2017! So head out to Citta Mall on the last day of 2017 to celebrate another amazing year ahead!