6 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Tiny House

Thanks to the early-millennium real estate crisis, the world is now having a tiny-house moment.

To fill you in, it’s a social movement where people are downsizing the space they live in. The typical Malaysian home is around 100 to 120 square metres, whereas the typical small or tiny house is between 9 and 37 square metres. Tiny houses come in all shapes, sizes, and forms, but they enable simpler living in a smaller, more efficient space.

We know you’re already cussing out your father’s name just by seeing how small it is. But surprisingly, there are tonnes of benefits from living in this small space especially if you’re planning to live on your own or if it’s just you and your partner. I recently watched a video on Youtube about this couple who have a child living in their tiny home. And it kinda works.

The Top 6 Reasons Why People Live In A Tiny House

1. It Costs Only A Fraction Of A “Normal House”

Well, this first point is pretty obvious. Tiny houses cost a lot less than an average house. As a matter of fact, tiny houses only cost a fraction of the traditional cost due to only using a fraction of the materials. If you don’t feel like designing it yourself, you can find free tiny house plans all over the internet to use as templates. Plus, most banks would gladly authorise a small loan if you need a mortgage, since it’s so much smaller than a traditional home loan.

2. Travel With Ease

Ever caught yourself in a fit of wanderlust? Treat your tiny house as an RV and you’re set.  Never again will you deal with the struggle of finding some cheap hotel room on vacation when you can take your entire home with you. But what about electricity, water, or sewer needs? You’ll never need them again, well, maybe some of them. Since most tiny houses have solar and rain barrels built into them, your house kind of takes care of itself.

3. Conservation

Curb-side trash is also greatly reduced. Living in a tiny house with smaller storage space reduces random purchases, and often new purchases means you’ll need to purge an existing possession. Less products purchased or consumed means less packaging in the trash, and a smaller ecological footprint.

4. More Time

You don’t have to waste your Sunday cleaning up the entire house. Less time spent vacuuming, cleaning down surfaces in unused rooms, and less decorating. Sweeping will only take a couple of minutes. Dusting? Even less time. Some people love cleaning, so this might be a disappointment. However, if you hate cleaning (like the rest of us normal people), then this is a definite plus.

5. Extremely Energy Efficient

If you connect a tiny house to a power source, you’ll still have to pay your electric bill, but it can be a quarter or less of your traditional house’s bill. Whether you use solar power or hook your house up to a power line, the energy needs of such a tiny space are much less than the energy needs of a traditional home. Smaller appliances work more efficiently and a smaller space uses less power to heat and cool the air.

6. Higher Quality of Life

Many tiny homeowners state that their quality of life and overall happiness improved when they shed their “stuff” and started living small. There are many reasons for this: They don’t feel weighed down by all the frivolous items they used to own or a huge mortgage, and they spend less time and money cleaning and maintaining their home, which allows more time and money for leisure activities.

When a house is this tiny, of course there are a few setbacks. Especially if you have a family of six. But check out this tiny house tour and get ready to be obsessed.

So when are you going to down-size your home?