Dude, this building is alive! This is mad creative! You have to watch this.


The description on this video says, ‘How it would be, if a house was dreaming.’ JUICE was blown away by how real everything looks. The project is based on the building’s underlying architecture. It takes the concept and visual pattern of the Hamburg Kunsthalle, and the basic idea of the narration was dissolving Galerie Der Gegenwart. It recently came to life with this 3D digital projection. The 7 minutes demonstration takes the face of the OM Ungers’ Galerie der Gegenwart and makes it look like it’s moving brick by brick. This wicked demonstration sees some amazing 3D graphics and gelled with sound to create the illusion that concrete slabs are being pushed in and out of the building.

This 555 Rubuk demonstration was produced by urbanscreen.com and art directed by Daniel Rossa. David Starmann took the role of 3D operator and Jonas Wiese was on sound design. Realised with mxwendler.net mediaserver, an extended version can be watched here.